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Thursday, August 9, 2007

I am so tired today it's unreal. I slept so heavily last night, completely ZONKED out when I got into bed. In fact so much so that I slept through a 4.5 earthquake at 1am this morning. The dogs barked and everything (and they lie right next to the bed) and I missed it all.Hoping this is just a one off and I'm not coming down with anything... I am too busy to be sick!

Well nothing much to report today, I might be back later with a post about the last issue of Ready Set Create, but I'm trying to get some assignment work done today.

I do want to share this article on shrink plastic! Who knew that shrink plastic was all around us? And mostly for FREE! I know we've had a couple of those containers as doggy bags! I'm kinda psyched to get back into techniquey stuff. I go through phases with it. Lately I'm all about acrylics, pieces not paint.

Ok gotta go try and wake myself up! It's 11.30 and I feel like going back to bed! *yawn*


grambie August 9, 2007 at 4:06 PM  

You know I am having a ball smiling at your blog comments today. It really shows that you were really in a stump. Okay, I will accept your reasoning and leave a little loving. Have a restful day and remember you are loved! HUG!!!

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