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Monday, August 27, 2007

Yep I am still alive. Saturday Bob got called into work, and I got my step by step info and screenshots done for a digital layout I got picked up for Creative Techniques. My first time with them so I wanted to make sure I got everything done and sent in. Took longer than expected but paperwork always does! Emailed some projects off, and one I worked on Saturday ended up with me breaking my sewing machine! Bob being the handyman he is, fixed it this morning! YAY! I don't sew that often on my projects but I like having the option y'know?

Bob got yesterday and today off as his weekend and we did a few things round the house, and today we got quotes for carpet in the master bedroom, and tile in the ensuite. We were going to do everything ourselves, but Bobs schedule is so screwed up right now, that it'll never get done, so now we need to decide on colors. Whichever way we go with carpet color we're done for. Having Dalmatians means white and black hairs, so the hairs are gonna show regardless of carpet color. We brought back samples of a soft gray and the standard beige color and the beige seems to work better for the dog hairs.

What else? Oh we went to Target and I got more storage drawers, been sorting out my embellishments this week. Trying to get more organized. I've been branching out into different techniques and stuff which requires some organizing of product. I did find some things I had COMPLETELY forgotten about though! Always fun to find hidden treasures like that.

We were going to go riding today but it was too hot. We missed the cloudy day yesterday, would have been perfect, but Bob had to run some checks on his bike, and other stuff. I finished the book I was reading and we watched a movie. In all a busy few days with some down time. Oh and just in case he's reading "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!"! Bobs brother was 40 on Saturday!!!

I think that's the (extended) weekend in a nutshell. I gotta go create with digi for a while, back tomorrow with some layouts etc hopefully!


Angela August 28, 2007 at 6:05 AM  

I hate shopping for anything except carpet. Call me weird but I love carpet shopping. I got a chubby burber for the last house it was cream color with splatters of green, burgandy and black. Worked great for a Black Lab, Golden Retreiver and the Toy Yorkie. Have fun!

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