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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Its finally here, and I had hoped to have something to share but had a heck of a busy week and didn't get everything quite finished (story of my life just lately!). Anyway to tide you over you can check out my exclusive card sketch at 2jills, where I am the October Guest Designer for their card kt!!! They just had a grand reopening and have lots of great contests and challenges going on all month.

The ride

Bob just downloaded the pics from the camera from yesterdays bike ride. We have a grand total of 8 photo's, and 3 of those we didn't take. We so need to take more pics out there! This is one of us before we started riding, taken by Caleb
Bob and Me sitting on our truck, My bike is the one on the left TTR 125e

Man I feel like I should be black and blue, yet I have NO BRUISES whatsoever. Just the aches and pains. There were 9 of us on the ride, only a few guys I can remember their names as it was the first time meeting them. Supposedly this was meant to be an "easy ride" as Tom was recovering from an accident (not bike related) so wanted to take it easy. Well long story short it wasn't easy at all, well not for me anyway. As the only woman, and the only one on a small bike (both in engine size and wheel height) I struggled. I console myself in the fact that I wasn't the first to fall off. Though I was the 2nd. I was also the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and probably many more!
Decided part way round the first trail, after I'd fallen off a few times, that we'd go the easy route instead, doubled back and met them ontop of the mountain. Then we figured we'd take a trail at red gate that ended up being closed, so we weren't having a lot of luck really. Then they decided to go down this trail which was basically a big gully. Having small wheels put me at a HUGE disadvantage, my pegs or feet would catch the sides and throw me down. After 3-4 times of that it gets not to be much fun. And apparently that trail gets worse further down! Needless to say by then (3hours later) I was DONE DONE DONE. Falling over every 30 seconds is not fun after a while! The gully's just took me over the edge (literally). So we went another way (again) met up at the old campground. Where we broke off with Mike (who got a slow puncture) and Caleb and headed back to the parking lot. I was sore already by this point. Bob helped Mike with his flat and we all chatted, ate our lunch and headed home.
In conclusion we are now possibly looking for a new bike for me with bigger wheels. Love my little TTR but I fear I am outgrowing her. She has some brand new scratches and dents from Fridays ride. Both Bob and I are really achy, my right butt cheek is totally sore from one particular fall but the rest is just natural "you've been riding for 4 hours" aches. Unlike James, who it turns out did a face plant, downhill over the handlebars at one point later in the ride and ended up with a broken hand and foot (after he drove all the way home 80 miles!). So I'll take the aches and pains and be thankful! Met some cool guys and hopefully gonna go riding with Caleb and his wife in a couple of weeks, and maybe try out her bike for size.

Until next time!


Jolene October 6, 2007 at 5:57 PM  

Glad you're just sore and didn't end up with things broken like James. Feel better in the next few days!

Sandie October 7, 2007 at 2:34 AM  

Great photo :D Atleast you are just sore and not broken!!

Mum,  October 7, 2007 at 3:01 AM  

Well Di i am glad that you are ok and just got few bruises, i dont want you in plaster when we get there in two weeks time :-( just slow down please

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