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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The holiday season is one of the major card making/sending times of year. Now whilst we as scrapbookers spend a lot of time making and embellishing the cards... what about the envelopes? No point spending a ton of time on cards and sending them in boring plain envelopes is there? So I thought I'd share some tips and tricks for spicing up those envelopes to really show some seasons greetings!

Make your own!
First up is making the whole envelope yourself from co-ordinating patterned paper. Especially good for using up those paper slabs or stacks we all bought (or if you're like me still do!). Yep I admit it, I love DCWV papers! Initially they look like a real bargain till you realize that you have 3 sheets of the same paper, and well I'm not much of a paper user (more paper hoarder). So I found I can easily make a card and an envelope from one sheet of paper, plus the co-ordinating papers make mixing and matching easy!

Worth noting that if you use the paper pattern side out (or if it's double sided) you'll need address labels. Especially if the color is dark or busy. If you're looking for a good envelope template I highly recommend these nested envelope templates from one heart... one mind.

Envelope Liners!
If you buy your envelopes, and sometimes I do - I like the invitation envelopes from Walmart, then how about adding an envelope liner? I use my template (again from one heart... one mind) and nudge the liner up to the gum line and adhere.

As you can see it really does finish off the inside of an envelope well! Using matching papers works well as I mentioned above. Have to say I've been using this method a lot with the 6x6 DCWV stack. This size works great for cards.

Just add Stickers!
I'm somewhat of a scrap supply hoarder as regular readers will know, and I still can't pass up a bargain. JoAnns had these stickers on clearance last year after the holidays for 50c a pack (I think I got them cheaper than that at the checkstand though!). Naturally I got one pack of each! BUT I don't like them on cards! So I use them inside cards or like here, on the envelope.

I should add too that I use these on the bottom of the envelope, and usually cover both sides back and front, I like continuity! Good for those old stickers you have in your stash but don't want to use for cards. Just stick them on envelopes!

Tape it!
Another option instead of stickers is decorative tape. Target goers will recognize this tape from last winters dollar spot! You can get lots of variety in themes and colors. Works just like regular tape, just with a pattern. Again I tape it both sides. This tape is good for cards and mini books too!

Rub 'em on!
Who could forget RUB-ONS? My favorites! Good way of using up the odd ones you don't like for cards, or again you got in the post holiday sales! (notice a theme here yet?). This is a look that I love, it's so classic!

On this one both the sentiment and blue strip are rub-ons! The blue strip is technically a 'roll-on'. Around the block came out with these a couple of years ago and I love them! You get 3 or 4 in a pack, and they come in different themes. They are tricky to keep in a straight line (or that could be user error) so I use my metal ruler to keep them in check!

Stamp something!
Naturally we can't forget stamps! Now I'm not that fond of this technique cos well, I'm a messy stamper and I tend to get ink everywhere, which is why I prefer stamping with brush pens instead. The look is a little less intense than ink pads, which I like, and it means it's dry to the touch instantly. Big bonus for clumsy me!

If I'm stamping an image it goes on the bottom left for me, as the 'air mail' sticker goes on the bottom right. Just something to keep in mind! If it's domestic postage then I'd have continued stamping all along with the sentiment. Remember too that if you're printing your envelope addresses you could add a little clipart directly to the envelope or the labels.

And there we have it! Some tips and tricks for brightening up your envelopes! You're cards are pretty and so should your envelopes!

back tomorrow with more cards!




Jolene December 20, 2007 at 7:48 PM  

Thanks for the great tips!

Jewish-Scrapbooking.com December 25, 2007 at 1:55 AM  

Wow, I missed this post somewhere along the line - glad I was back-reading today looking for another post! lol. I always feel like I should gussy up my envies, but I rarely do...thanks for the inspiration!


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