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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Busy trying to repackage everything and get all my products conformed to one preview model, which is a long and tedious job but I am getting there. Part of this process is repackaging the templates, adding sizes together and offering them in bundles and as singles. I know I sometimes only like one or two out of a bundle and prefer having the option to buy them individually so I figured I'd repack them into singles.

Also remember that the August promo code runs out today!!! Get 25% off your order by entering the code: 25OFFDH at checkout!

Bundle #2 was previously called Sampler set 2, which were once templates offered on the blog for limited time. So if you missed any now is you're chance to snap them up! The bundle costs just $4.50 for 6 layouts, but each layout has THREE versions! That's 18 templates in one pack!

Like I said though, the single packs are available also. Three versions in each pack, use one or use them all! Priced at $1.25 per pack.

ALL the templates will soon be available as singles and bundles, I just have to get around to redoing the landscape size for the newer layouts. I also have plans to offer all the old card templates, brag books etc. If you have any suggestions for digital products just drop me an email (link to the left).

More soon!



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