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Monday, September 29, 2008

I mentioned last week that the only product I had of AMM was 4 sheets of patterned paper. I created a journal and card with last weeks 2 sheets and had 2 sheets of the same paper in a different color. Anyone else do that? Buy the same paper just in different colors. Guess that proves I loved this paper huh? Anyway as much as I loved this paper it was monochromatic purples and I really didn't have photo's to go with it, which is why it was still in my stash I guess! I was chatting to my friend Nancy and asked her for a color combo to go with lilac, and she mentioned grey! Well that sparked something as the next thing I had the computer printing out and 15 minutes later this book cover was done!

I printed the sketches from my computer, just reduced the size, then decoupaged them onto the AMM paper. The title is done using the computer also and transfer paper (tutorial to come soon). This folder now houses almost all my sketch doodles!

New manufacturer next month!



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