Photo Friday

Friday, September 26, 2008

So last month I set the challenge to read your camera manual. How many of you did it? I know a few of you were interested in joining in the photo challenge each month so it'd be interesting to see who did the 'required reading' lol. I had already read mine part way so I read it the whole way through, though didn't understand some of it! lol! I am hoping that part is more 'hands on' stuff.

I don't know about you but when I grab the camera I tend to have it on auto, something I really hope to be changing in the coming months as I learn to use the dang thing! So this months challenge is to use the scene settings. You probably have them. Portrait, sports, macro, landscape, snow and probably lots more! Refer to your manual see what each one should be used for and USE them! You could try to use two or three different scenes if you can for the same shot (remembering which was which) then compare them afterwards.
Oh and if you have kids or pets, SPORT scene mode! Trust me on this one!!!

I chose to use the macro scene setting for this shot, along with some zoom. This little bugger was about 4" long but trying to get a close up shot with auto wasn't happening. One thing about macro is you need a steady hand, the detail blurs easily!


I am hoping to get more 'mode shots' done in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more photography challenges!!! And don't forget to show us what you snapped!!!



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