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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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So we've covered the DT intro, the types of teams and their pro's/cons so maybe it's time to discuss: Where to find design team calls?

Where to find calls?
One thing I learned early on in this industry is that not all calls are created equal. I mentioned previously that calls can happen in a variety of ways, some are public, some are private, and some places just solicit individuals who they would prefer on their team. So I'll address each one individually.

The public calls can be found all over the internet, on message boards, on store/kit websites, blogs etc but the biggest place for kits/stores is the Pub Calls blog and calendar. I personally subscribe to the blog via RSS feed (bloglines) and I'd suggest anyone interested in the latest DT information does the same! I will say right now, it's not as good as it used to be. IMO too many contests and competition information on there rather than DT and publication calls. It's kind of lost it's way from what it was first created for, but most kit clubs, and online stores etc advertise their calls there so it's a good place to look for those.

If digital is your scrapbooking medium then I suggest the calls forum at Digi Shop Talk. That really has TONS of designers and stores looking for people to create with their kits. From one kit calls, guest spots to long term commitments. Another place for digital DTs is the Just Digital Calls site, which is ONLY for digital (hence the name). Great resource site!

For manufacturers it's mostly a case of stalking blogs and websites! Sometimes the info gets posted on pubcalls, but quite often not. What I do is again subscribe to my favorite manufacturer blogs in RSS reader, which most likely if you love the papers etc you are doing anyway :)

Private Calls, these happen occasionally where a select group ONLY is invited to apply for a DT call. Say perhaps you've sent an email to a manufacturer asking about a DT call, you'll probably be put on a list and then invited to apply once they are looking for a new team. One thing to remember though, is just because you've been asked to apply, it's just that, an APPLICATION, it's NOT a done deal! I've had friends who have been asked to apply for a private call, and been heartbroken when not selected as they'd been expecting to be one of the chosen few. Just because the call is private don't assume that it's a done deal! They probably asked 50 other designers too for a coveted team of 5! Remember my motto, submit and forget!

Solicited teams, not as pervy as it sounds honest :) This is when the client emails the designer asking them to be on their team. Trust me it's the best kind of situation! This is where no application is neccessary afterall they are coming to you, and it IS a done deal! That said it's a rare situation! This can happen for kits/stores but mostly this is the practice of manufacturers.

I also want to address one more issue that doesn't fall into these categories but is well worth noting in this article. Sometimes if you build a relationship with a store owner, kit owner, or manufacturer etc and they say in conversation "oh you should apply for the DT, you're a shoo-in" or occassionally they may blatently say that you are a definite for the team! So the designer applies because afterall the job is there's, all they have to do is apply. The end result is they don't get the position. Unfortunately owners can lie for whatever reason I'm not sure. Whether it's to create interest in a call, or just because they say that to everyone? Who knows? I've got one friend in particular who has had this happen with a store, and a manufacturer. Be aware that until you have an offer in WRITING nothing is a done deal!

Eeek I hope that hasn't scared you off! Really when the call is good, and the company reputable everything goes so smoothly and is thoroughly enjoyable! IMO some of my best creating has been for DT work. Next week we'll discuss the next step, after you've found the call and decided that the terms are right for you it's time to send in an application for the DT call! More on that next week!



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