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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I mentioned on my blog Wednesday that I've been reminiscing about past sketches/templates of mine over the last 2+ years. I haven't always offered the digital templates for my sketches, and even though I do offer the templates now, they are free for only a limited time. It's quite a struggle balancing my desire for educating and inspiring with the sketches/templates and wanting to earn some money from the digital designing. It takes quite a while each month to create the sketches/templates, and although I love what I do, I admit it's nice to get a pay check too! lol.

After some soul searching I think I've decided on a happy medium. In the future ALL Wednesday card templates will be offered free for 48 hours only.
Upon the 48 hours I will remove the item from the store and (eventually) repackage them into card template packs for sale in the store. I really feel that this is the best solution for everyone concerned. Plus it will give everyone a second chance to snag templates they missed. Also some templates will be in their original format, some may change shapes, or styles, some may be made into photocards, and some may just get thrown on the discard pile, lol. My plan is that the initial sale price will be just $1.00 for a week, then $2.00, then the regular sale price.

On that note, I am releasing packs of card templates in the upcoming year from all the sketches over the last TWO YEARS! That's a LOT of card templates! Card set 1 was released a while ago and can be seen here.

Card set #2 is unique in that these were cards that I didn't make templates for originally. These were based on card sketches done in 2006 when I created my first sketches. As such these have NOT been previously offered as freebies on the blog :)

This week sees the release of set #3. For this one I decided to put all square ones together in a pack. These templates make 5"x5" cards.
All the card packs are available at Di Hickman Designs, Scrapwow or A Cherry On Top

Freebies are great, I personally love using them, and love creating them, however they also come with a time tag which needs to be paid. To that end I really think this is a fair compromise, and I hope you agree!

Lots more soon!



Helen January 12, 2009 at 7:24 AM  

Hi Di - and thanks for these great templates! Can't wait to play with them "after hours".

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