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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

If you are going to copy and paste this for other website remember to credit me, the original author Di Hickman! I have had numerous people copy and pasting this into various forums with no credit, and some blatantly claiming the work as their own. This is highly unprofessional. Give credit where it is due with my name and I would appreciate a link back to my blog, thank you. Di


Previously covered DT's 101, 202, and 303 this week we'll cover DT applications etc!

So you've seen an ad for a DT, checked out the site and terms and decided that this position seems right for you, so where to go from here? Well obviously with your email application! Open a new email and let's get going from there.

1) Always start with the subject! Most calls specify if they want a specific title in the sugject if they do then make sure to write that, if not then write "store/kit/site/manufacturer DT application". That way the recipient knows immediately what the email is about!

2) Check the application! If they want certain information then make sure to make a note to include it! Usually this includes things such as: personal information, experience, why you want to be on our team, what you have to offer the company, and examples of your work.

3) Start friendly! Remember to add an introduction, sounds simple but you'd be surprised! A simple "Hi, My name is Diane and I'm very interested in applying for a design team position with store/site/manufacturer".

4) The previous point always leads nicely to the opportunity of writing a short paragraph about yourself, just the basics here no life story! Simple facts like how long you're been scrapbooking, why you scrapbook and what your style is.

5) After the introductory/personal paragraph a good lead on is to state why you want a position with the company (they usually ask this in the application) and what you have to offer the company. Now remember there are probably 100's of other designers applying, what makes YOU stand out? Tell them why you want to be on their DT. If it's a kit club/site/store make sure you are already a member on their forums, ensure to add your username in the email and make sure you're been posting on the gallery and forums!

6) Tell them about your style. The style point is especially important. Sometimes not getting a DT spot can simply be that they already have 2-3 DT members with your scrapbooking style. When telling them about your style include examples! This is where I add information about the examples I am attaching of my work. Sample sentance would be: "DiHickman3.jpg - shows use of shabby chic vintage paper in a simple, clean, linear design. This work was previously published in XYZ magazine."

7) Experience sometimes matters, not always, but sometimes so include it! A brief rundown on previous DT's is all they need, links to sites if applicable, and I'd link to your DT gallery if you have one there. This is also prevalent if you've been published, especially for Manufacturer DT applications. From a detailed list if you've been published a few times to a "I have had projects published in abc, def, ghi,jkl and mno magazines. In 2009 I have upcoming publications in def, ghi and xyz." If the list of DTs or publications is extensive then I'd write the previous comment and add more details can be found on my resume at (link)

8) Links, links, links! Most companies want to see what you do so give them opportunity! Add a short paragraph or list with resume links, blog links, gallery links etc.

9) Always end with a thank you! These people get TONS of applications, thank them for looking at yours! Seriously little things like this can make a difference!

10) Sign off with your name, add your address, phone number and email in the signature

11) Attach your images!!! Even now I still sometimes get eager to send and email without attaching the images! Urgh! Remember if it's a manufacturer call then it stands to reason to use their product! At least for 75% of the images! For kits etc, if you don't have their kits check your supplies to see if you have the same paper, and send at least one or two projects using that product. If I get time I'll rename the images to DiHickman1.jpg, DiHickman2.jpg etc. Just incase the images get separated from the email.

12) Double and triple check the email for spelling, comprehension and to quadruple check that you included ALL the information they requested!

Send off the email, and forget about it! Maybe pencil onto the calendar the day that the acceptance calls will be going out but I prefer to just push it to the back of my mind. Less stress that way!

So what happens next?
Well sometimes you'll get an email! Sometimes that email will say "yeah you're awesome, we want you on our team!". Sometimes it'll be a standard rejection email, and then other times you'll get an offer for a Guest position instead of the regular team. Other times you'll get no notification at all till the announcement is made on the companies website/blog. This is why I think it's better to submit and forget...

Any questions on this part of the process just put em in the comments or email me, one final wrap up on Design Teams then I'll move on! In future posts I'll be covering image attachments, publications and more!


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