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Monday, March 9, 2009

What a relaxing weekend! Saturday, Bob was out dirtbking on a 'boys ride' so I had the day to myself. I sat down with "Eclipse" by Stephanie Meyer and read the whole thing cover to cover! Totally engrossed by the Twilight series, can't believe I waited so long to read these books! If you haven't read them yet then get on it! I got mine from the library and am just waiting on the last in the series now :)

In the afternoon I cleaned the kitchen, not particularly exciting but boy did it need doing! In the evening we went out for dinner then watched "Marley & Me". Have the say the book was WAY better than the film. The film was pretty disappointing really as they missed out loads of good bits. I kinda think they focused too much on the human characters and didn't make Marley as 'bad' as he was in the book, kwim? Glad I watched it, but yeah could have been better!

Sunday after being confused about the clocks being different times and then realizing that it's daylight savings time! Doh! Anyway I got out in the garden for about 5 hours. Boy do my arms and back feel it now though! Naturally I took the camera out with me :) Love that most of my hobbies are intertwined. Gardening has really sparked my photography again. Been out the garden a lot lately with the camera. Snapped this pic of a bumble bee on the citrus blossoms. Our garden smells lovely right now with the citrus blossom :) Hummingbirds, bees and butterflies love it!

Sunday afternoon I went to look at laptops, but no-one had the ones I wanted so that was a bust :( I'm looking at either getting a new drawing tablet for the desktop or getting a laptop with the same technology. Can't decide right now. Later we made curry, pakora's and samosa's :)

And I popped in my scraproom and made this card using scraps from last week. Love that the brad coordinates with the paper PERFECTLY! Using up some OLD, OLD supplies on this card!

Supplies: Cardstock & Paper: DCWV; Brad & Twill tape: 7 Gyspies; rub-on: JoAnns; Foam Flower: craft supplies.

So how was your weekend?



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