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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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After discussing Design Teams at length I figured I'd jump right into the publication side of the industry :) What can you expect from this series on publishing? Well I want to discuss the ins and outs, the good the bad, how to get published, where to find calls, payments etc. Not sure how many weeks this series will cover yet but we'll see as we go along huh?

What is submitting for publication?
Back in 2005 when I found online forums for scrapbooking I discovered that regular people like you and me could get my projects published in magazines! Who knew? It seemed like everyone knew but me and I decided "why not try it?" All I had to do was see what project topics the magazines were looking for and send a submission email with a photo of the project and that was it, then sit back and wait!

Why submit for publication?
Well why not? lol. Seriously though in my case I just figured I was doing the pages anyway and if I had pages that fit the theme the magazines were looking for then why not submit them. The worst that can happen is they don't respond back to me. Honestly I submit work for pay, for goodies and sometimes for nothing more than my name printed at the side of my project. I like seeing my work in magazines, I like seeing my projects in print, and I like showing friends and family :) I'd still scrapbook regardless so all this publishing thing is just gravy. I think that's a healthy way to look at it.

What kinds of publications are there to submit to?
Basically they fall into 2 categories: Paper and pixels. Meaning print publications and online ezines. I'll cover these in more depth another week :) I want to do a full Paper vs Pixels article as they both have lots to offer!

Do you get paid?
Sometimes! The compensation varies a great deal with each publication, from cash to goodie boxes to just a complimentary issue of the magazine. Ezines you usually get a free copy of the issue you were in, mostly these are just for fun for me. I'll go into compensation indepth another week.

Ok how do I submit?
This differs per magazine. Basically the majority require that you email them a photo/scan of the project with your information, but some magazines do require that you mail the item off for submission. Usually the ones that require mailing are the stamping magazines. Email submissions will be covered indepth in another article, including photo resizing, what to include in the email etc.

Join me over the next few weeks and we'll go indepth into print vs online publications, how to submit, where to find calls, compensation, photographing projects and much more!

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