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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Anyone who knows me, knows I love lists. I make a daily to-do list and although I have tried to do it 'green' and use an online version, I'm just not very productive that way. Plus it means I have to be on the computer and honestly I'm trying to get offline more these days and actually CREATE or go play in the garden. Anyway all this means I needed a new book for my lists. I prefer the ledger type books for writing my lists. Lots of room for the lists (both chores, work and gardening) plus room for notes etc. I tried last week to do without but that resulted in low productivity for my type A personality, so this week I altered a new journal and wrote my lists for the week and behold - productivity!!!

Supplies: DCWV paper and cardstock; Misc ribbon and office supplies;

Keeping it simple as these things get some wear and tear so nothing that could get caught up, ripped off etc. I stapled the ribbon on so hopefully that should last! The clips are from Target dollar spot agggeeeeees ago, seriously so long ago that it's not even funny! I loved them too, bought all the colors they had (along with the pegs, paper clips etc) and then hardly used them. Story of my life with the Target dollar spot!!! So I added a couple of clips for notes etc.

Soon be Friday and then the weekend, I for one am looking forward to this weekend! Hope you all have something fun planned!!!



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