Card a day - day 13

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big news! I completed another of my goals for project 101 in 1001! I finally reached my goal of running 6 miles!!! Yay! I felt totally whacked afterward, and was pretty achy, especially my knees, but I did it. So happy. Now I just need to decide do I carry on increasing the mileage and work towards long distance, or change the routine up?

Welcome back to "make a card a day" in June! Here is my card with yesterday's sketch.

Supplies: Cardstock: DCWV; Papers: HOTP; Rub-on: one heart... one mind; Flower: Misc; Button: EK Success; Pen: Ranger/Singo/Sharpie

Warning Rant ahead....

This is one of my favorite sketches but I am just not feeling this card. Why? Well cos I got totally pissed off with the damn white pens. Pens are great for faking stitching, cos sometimes (ok most the time for me) I just can't be bothered with real stitching. This time I wish I'd taken the time. I am FED UP with white pens. I mean you find one that works great (signo & Ranger) but you open them, use them, store them, come back later to find... THEY DON'T FRAKIN WORK PROPERLY. Seriously!!! How hard can it be to make a pen that ALWAYS works. I SEE the ink in there, instead I get a scratchy mess on the card. So I manage to get the card done (eventually) then throw all the white pens in the trash. Had enough, screw it. On the upside I guess that's some cleaning & organizing in my day right?

Anyway... here is today's sketch...

We don't have plans this weekend. Bobs Dad is in hospital recovering from a ruptured bowel so we'll be waiting on news from family as to how he's doing. He seems to be recovering pretty well so far, fingers crossed he has a speedy recovery from surgery.

Have a fun weekend!



Made by Mandy June 14, 2009 at 2:35 AM  

Well done on running 6 miles, you have done fantastically well on tour achievements so far. It's amazing that exercising again has enabled you to re-assess your direction and you have decided to get your certification again. Good luck with that :)

As for the white pen, I have found the only ones that work consistently are the 1mm tip Pentel ones. Never had one of those dry p yet and they stay a consistent colour.They are REALLY annoying when you expect something to work and it doesn't. I've ruined so many projects with scratchy pens GRRRR

Good luck with your FIL, bowel ops are nasty.

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