Card a day - day 16 & 17

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome back to "make a card a day" in June! Ok I can't share my cards with you yet. My camera battery died and I cannot find the damn charger. I keep saying I need to tidy up and never do, this is proof I NEED to tidy up! Seriously... Sad thing is I can't even scan the cards cos I switched out printers (more on that in another post) and I haven't uploaded the drivers cos I can't find the cable to connect the printer to the pc. Noticing a theme here huh? lol! Well I guess I'll just post the sketches for yesterday and today incase you wanted to play along, then update with my cards as soon as I can...

Sketch for 16th June

Sketch for 17th June

I took yesterday off from creating (except the card), digi designing, exercising, chores etc. I went shopping for clothes. If you remember I've mentioned previously that I HATE shopping for clothes, but it's a necessary evil cos I need new clothes. So I decided to book a day off and go shopping, psyching myself up for it. That definitely helped for sure! I went to the outlet mall cos I wanted new sneakers and workout gear, but they didn't have much I liked, I came away with one pair of sneakers. Then I hit the thrift stores and Ross. Gotta say I LOVE thrift store shopping. I know some people are totally squeamish about it but some of my favorite clothes have come from the thrift stores, AND it's cheap ;) oh and green!

I need to take some pics of the stuff I bought yesterday, I got some great deals, but again camera battery is dead! Anyway I figured I'd share some pics of stuff I bought last thrift store shopping day which was in May. I took Bob along with me and he found me some good deals, love a guy that can spot a bargain! He was the one to spot this skirt suit. Now I don't have much occasion to wear a suit but at $5 I snapped it up, fits perfectly! This was from our city thrift store. (ignore the smudgy mirror!)

Another favorite from that trip was this cargo-skirt. LOVE the pockets. Not 100% sure on the tie up at the waist, I'd probably wear a belt instead. Belly shot, lol! Can't remember exactly how much this skirt was, I think it was $2-$3

The other bargain from goodwill was this button up dress. It's converse and still had the tags on it (yay for spare buttons!). The only thing is it's a little large in the hips and a tad too long for my liking but I can alter it hopefully. This dress was about $5 which for new isn't bad at all!

Thinking about it that belt off the dress would be ok with the skirt huh? Lol! Problem solved there! I also got some fleece sweaters, and t-shirts. I know sweaters in Summer? Well ya gotta buy em when ya can and at $1.99 each they were a bargain! Gotta say that this trip was just as successful and I can't wait to share pics with you!!!



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