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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I mentioned that on the 16th I took the day off and went shopping. Now my idea of shopping is thrift store shopping. I like looking through the racks and finding treasure. I already mentioned my suit which I LOVE and I should mention that my favorite pair of pants EVER came from a thrift store and were just $4. I LOVE thrift store shopping, cheap, green and you can get some great items!

So I was going to get the tripod out and do a little fashion show then saw my camera battery was dead :( but then I remembered... camera phone! So, though the pics are blurry you can get the general idea right?

First up is an Abercrombie & Fitch Tee, paired with a denim skirt. I think you'll agree it looks pretty spiffy right? Whole outfit = $1.98! yep 99c a piece! Love a bargain! The tee is tighter than I usually like but I think I've been used to wearing baggier stuff since losing weight, need to show off the flat stomach again ;) I worked damn hard to lose the fat on the mid section, still a way to go for the 6 pack, but getting there!

Another Ab & F tee, plus a pair of swim shorts. Again both items 99c. Incase you are wondering the Tee reads "I may not be perfect, but parts of me are awesome!". How freaking cool is that? Love it! Even if it didn't fit I'd have still bought it! I also like how the wording fits on the boob area, the smaller font under the boob gives the impression of depth and makes it look like I have bigger boobs than I do. At least in the pic anyway!

Olive green Tee with tan corduroy skirt, again both items 99c. Love this outfit. Paired them up together and they work great. The skirt isn't too heavy either which corduroy sometimes tend to be. I see me wearing this a lot! Plus if I could clone this tee I would, fits so nice and great color!

Two most expensive items I bought were this sweater (100% lambswool from Next) and denim skirt. Love the skirt ($5) but hoping the sweater ($3) will soften in the wash as it's scratchy. either that or I am allergic which is quite possible. Now I know you're thinking "but it's summer!" but I figure put it aside for winter whilst I could get the bargain. Gotta think ahead people!

Another 99c pair of swim shorts paired with a classic wardrobe staple of a v-neck black vest top. I won't be wearing these together but you get the idea right? lol! Oh and the top was 99c too. Ignore the little blue price tag on the shorts :)

Now I've never bought shoes from the thrift store before because well I did't think it's sanitary and I never even thought they'd have my size (6 1/2 - 7) but this trip I found two pairs of slip ons that worked great with the stuff I'd bought recently. These fit with the dress and skirts I bought.

These go with the denim skirts above.

Both pairs were $1.98 each! Even if I wear them a few times each I got my 2 bucks worth right? The reason I changed my mind was after reading someone's blog and them saying that shoes are something we have the heebie jeebies about yet think nothing of going bowling and wearing shoes 100's of people have worn before us! I figure these have seen one pair of feet before me, and I sprayed them with a cleaner thing just incase (like they do at bowling alleys I guess). They fit great, just need to have a lesson in walking in heels lol! If you see another post in the future about me breaking my legs/neck/body part you know why!!!

So all in all good shopping day! I also bought 3 tops and 3 pairs of shorts from Ross. If you don't have a Ross where you are I'd describe it as a thrift store/yard sale with new items. Again you gotta LOOK to find bargains but they are there to be had. I got Wilson shorts for $5.99 a pair, so I am all set for summer with shorts. I do need some more tees to go with them though, or an idea of how to alter the ones I have to make them smaller.

Next thrifting trip: 24th June, why? Cos Goodwill are having a 50% off sale! :)

So go thrifting, yard sales, car boot sales whatever, rescue some stuff from the landfill, get bargains and get kitted out with a new wardrobe!



Rosie (Freycob) June 18, 2009 at 1:26 PM  

Amazing finds in the charity shops Di! Well done on your keen eye!


jo June 18, 2009 at 2:48 PM  

Some fab bargains there Di!!!

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