Project for July - extended

Saturday, July 25, 2009

When I decided to take on the project of tackling the craftroom for July I really didn't think it would be that big of a project. However, it really is. Compounding this is the fact that midway through the month I decided to clear out my wardrobe and store all the items that need altering (side effect of losing 25lbs!) in here. I say it's time to get ruthless! Already this month we've given away a few items which has kick started my donating 101 things for my 101 in 1001 project. So far this month we've given away:
  • dining table
  • box of Scrapbook goodies
  • satin gift bags
  • birdhouses
  • bag of packing peanuts/pillows
  • big bag of craft magazines
  • paperback books
  • I still have a big box of scrapbook goodies to give away which I hope to put on freecycle this weekend. And another pile of stuff to giveaway started.
So in a nutshell this will be an August project too! Cos it's only a week away and I seriously doubt I will get things sorted in here in a week, especially considering with the clothes in here it now looks worse than it did earlier in the month! lol! I am going to tackle it Flylady style though this weekend. 15 minutes increments and with trash/keep/donate piles. I just need to sort out some boxes for the donated stuff and then get it OUTTA HERE! Maybe then I can move around in here again.

Going in for a sort out session, doing 4x15 minutes sessions then off for a swim! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and has fun things planned!



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