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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yesterday I was working in my craftroom and doing 15 minutes stints of purging/organizing along with 15 mins of crafting. Decided that digital was the way to go so I wasn't creating more mess, lol! Anyway I decided to revisit some older digital cards I'd done with my templates and just change up the text. This to me is one of the GREAT things about digital cards. That and you can print them over and over!

I think this one features a kit from Kelly MacDonald, but it was a while ago so don't quote me on that. Another one just printed as a flattened jpg and mounted on a cardbase, then put in the pile for my friends children hospital project :) Hoping to get some more done for her by the deadline and maybe sort through some of my old cards and see if any of those would be ok for kids. Mostly though this gives me a chance to make some fun kids cards for her so I am looking forward to that!



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