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Friday, November 20, 2009

I started the final phase of P90-X this week! That's week 9 of 12 so still a ways to go yet, and I'm not sure how good next week will pan out for exercise as Bob is off work, it's Thanksgiving and we have family plans :) Guess we'll see if I do a modified week or just skip a week and start again on the 23rd. Gonna fly by the seat of my pants on that one.

Overall I am enjoying P90-X. The first week or so was tough, not just on my body but on my "fitness instructor brain". I struggled to turn off the knowledge and was constantly yelling at the screen telling Tony to teach more and pump iron less. Eventually though I learned to 'tune out' and just take it for what it is, an exercise DVD. I had to realize that it's not a live class, and they can't tell you everything you need to know in the 45-60 min workout. After that I learned to enjoy it. My favorite workouts are Plyo-X, Kenpo-X and legs/back... oh and of course the infamous Ab Ripper X. Can't forget the Abs! My least favorite would be Core synergistics or Cardio X. Not because I don't like them persay I just don't get the calorie burn I need doing them and honestly I'd rather do one of the other workouts instead. Another one I have a love/hate relationship with is the yoga. My biggest peeve is that it's 90 minutes long (way too long)! Also it's a lot of wrist work, which I have weak wrists so I'm not so keen. I manage to get further and further without needing a break though so that's good. Damn weak wrists!

I've definitely gotten a lot stronger since starting the routine though so it DOES work for sure. And although I haven't lost a lot of weight (didn't need to so I didn't do the diet plan) I have changed body shape a bit more and have a lot more muscle definition so I've dropped fat for sure.

I'm already thinking of what to do when this round of P90X ends. Maybe continue another round, but do doubles? Or change to something else? Not sure yet. Any suggestions?



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