Sew Saturday

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ok so I tried to start this Sew Saturday blog posting/scheduling before I got sick, but then I got flu and things just went to crap. So here is the first Sew Saturday update! My goal for these posts each Saturday is to provide updates on the projects I am working on, to hopefully force myself to MAKE/ALTER things with my sewing machine and serger, and to hopefully inspire you to do the same! I know some of you are sewers as well as scrapbookers, and if you're like me you tend to forget about other hobbies in favor of playing with paper!

So my scrap/office/sewing room is a bit of a mess right now. I had projects due the week after I was sick, so I had to do a quick turnaround on a couple of articles which always means the organisation suffers in here. I have an office mascot (Sky), who comes in and forces me to take breaks ;) Well Monday she decided to set up camp in here on a pile of clothing I have to alter in my sewing corner.

Not like I could be mad at her, afterall it DID look comfy! She seemed to enjoy it, and it's further proof to myself that I needed to tidy up, get organised AND get my mascot her own bed in here. For those wondering, River tends not to come in here much. She prefers to nap in the living room on the sofa. She's a Daddy's Girl for sure! Sky however is apparantly attached to me with velcro :) Anyway I got to work shortly after this photo was taken, tidied up the alterable stuff and set about organizing. Now all the clothing is folded neatly into piles in the closet. I can SEE what needs to be done, pull out ONE project, work on it and then move onto the next project!

Coming soon, the sewing projects!



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