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Monday, November 9, 2009

Well I seem to finally be getting over the flu! My cough isn't as bad as it has been, still there but definitely getting better (hurrah!). We had date night Friday, Indian food was consumed along with beers, gosh how I LOVE Indian food!

It was brought to my attention that the card sketch this week didn't have the PNG files in the download, so I'll get that fixed this week then put that back up for download on Wednesday with the new card sketch (fingers crossed). Guess I just had a busy week last week and it slipped my mind, I thought I'd done them and just zipped up the file too soon! Ah well!

The weekend went pretty weirdly. We had some meals out, and our plans seemed to get squished on. Saturday we did get out to do some shopping. I needed new underwear so trip to Victoria's Secret was in order, more on that another day. We kinda decided Sunday that we'd go riding, but then Bobs bike had a leak in the front fork. I'm a worrier too, so no way we were going riding with that potential hazard! The good news is that Rowher Flats, our nearest off-roading area, is back open after burning down a couple of years ago! Hurrah! Big cheer for that!

Thought I'd share some Boxer cards throughout October I had published recently in Ready Set Create magazine. I LOVE LOVE LOVE making cards and Boxer products make card making a snap with coordinating papers and supplies :)

I have LOTS to do today, and lots of blog posts I want to prep for the upcoming month. The flu thing really set me behind, and playing catch up with work projects the last week or so has meant not much time to invest in the blog etc. Hopefully I can change that this week!

Also I thought I'd mention that I am back to working out daily! I did basic sessions last week, but hope to take that up a notch this week. I did a double session today (Kenpo X and yoga) and I feel great! I hope that's a sign that I am definitely over the worst of the flu and on the road to healthy again!



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