2009 highlights (part 2)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Last week I shared highlights of 2009 from January to June, this week I'll focus on July - December (even though it's not completely over yet).

I rekindled my old hobby of knitting and made this Sackboy character from "Little Big Planet". I still plan to do a couple more, I have the wool, just not the time :(

July was pretty warm as always here, and we picked up a kiddies wading pool for free from neighbors and it was perfect for the dogs for cooling down.

August is Bobs birthday month so much celebrating and beer :)


Self portrait a month project continues. Sky gets in on this months action , albeit not 100%:) Really need to focus on more shots of us with the dogs. We have pics of us, and pics of the dogs but not many of us together. Something to think about for 2010!


Bobs birthday bash at Rachel's house :) love her parties and this one was to celebrate the Cars Team and Bobs birthday. Had a blast, drank a lot, and had a great time with friends :)

Vegan brunch at Matt Moore's. Miss these! Matt moved away in September so they are no more :( Miss his vegan pancakes with cashew butter, mmmmmmm. Maybe again, something to think about for 2010?

Not a photo but an image nevertheless. September was the month I got my certificates from AFAA and became a qualified personal trainer again! yay!

September is our anniversary month. The past couple of times we've been to Disneyland and this year kept the tradition. Celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary! Yikes, time flies! Shot taken on the tram on the way to the park!


In line for the Toy Story ride Bob saw this poster and couldn't resist snapping a photo. Hahaha flying tossers, I guess that's more for the Brit peeps, but we found it funny. Then we have a weird sense of humor so...


September I went into work with Bob and we ate at the ABC studio lot, walked around the studios and the main Disney area. Some great detail in the buildings if you get chance to go. My favorite was the 7 dwarves on the main Disney building. But there are some good statures dotted about too.


September we went to El Mirage for the first time. It's a dry lake bed, dirtbiking area.  Our friends had their RV up there for a few days so we stopped by for a ride with them :)

Staying in an RV whilst riding was so much fun! We definiely saw all the advantages of having some shelter, a nice bathroom facility, no long ride back home, and BEER!

We enjoyed the RV El Mirage experience so much that when we got home we finally made the decision to get our own RV. After months of deciding what we wanted, whether we wanted one, and what to get we just went out and got one!

Shortly after that our 'local' dirtbiking area opened up again after 2 years of being closed. Finally! We'd waited for this for so long! We love Rhower as it's so easy to just go for the morning, be back for lunch then for Bob to work the afternoon/evening if need be.


Of course though now we have the RV we'll hopefully be doing dirtbiking trips a little further afield :) Our first dirtbike vacation was back to El Mirage for Thanksgiving with friends. The weather was chilly in the evening/morning but beautiful once the sun rose! Great views at breakfast. We learned a lot during this trip


December I continued with my thrift store finds updates. Loving thrift store shopping. Great way to keep updating your wardrobe for not much money! Sounds good huh? Thrifted jeans and t-shirt here!


December as always is my birthday month and so it was  back on the bikes to Rowher flats for a dirty dirtbike day, that is a dirty cos of the mud! I recently posted these pics but here they are again. I can't tell you how much fun this day was!!!



So onto 2010! I plan to take more pics this year! Maybe doing a photo a day for a month and gearing up for a photo a day for a year starting in December 2011. Having the iPhone makes everything much easier for sure! The problem is remembering to whip it out and take a snapshot! lol!

Here's to documenting 2010 with photo's!!!



Anonymous,  December 30, 2009 at 4:39 AM  

Love these highlights of the year! It's fun seeing all your pictures and following your adventures. Wish I could find someplace to go thrifting around here! The one we do have thinks they're an upscale botique! LOL!! Found a pair of jeans I really liked and had to pay almost $9.00. Ick! Have a wonderful 2010 and keep on posting all your great pictures and ideas! sandy

Muckyfingers December 31, 2009 at 1:48 AM  

What a fab photo blog of the year :) Love your RV Di, it looks amazing xXx

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