RV: OakPark

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanks for all the congrats about us getting an RV. Nope it's nothing like a caravan in Skegness! lol memories! Though we remember Skegness most fondly camping in a tent at the Water Leisure park, ah those were the days!!! Getting an RV is something we've been considering pretty much all year but we wanted to make sure we were getting the right one for us which meant a lot of research, lots of looking at RVs for sales, checking out floor plans etc, finding something that was within our budget but also in good condition. Thankfully we weren't in a rush and had time to wait for the right one to come along, and it did.

After getting the RV, we stored it on the driveway and set about filling it with dog stuff, essential tools and kitchen items etc. Everything we'd read online said to either go somewhere close for your first trip or camp in your driveway, as our driveway is sloped and we can't use the slide out we opted to go to a local park closeby. OakPark is in the same city but at the far west end of Simi Valley, and had some utility hook ups etc so it was perfect for our first trail run. As we weren't 100% sure where we were going we did a scout out in the car the day before, we were checking for RV storage in the same area anyway so we figured we'd check out the two county RV parks in our area. Both parks are basically just parklands, with asphalt parking and water/electricity hook ups. The park on Tapo Canyon was full, all 17 spots taken so we headed over to Oakpark and only a few of the spots there that were taken and looked pretty quiet and perfect for us noobs, lol. So we went home, loaded up the RV and set off the next day in the RV. After arriving at the campground, we parked up and put the leveling jacks down, then realized the spot we'd chosen wasn't great as it was next to a tree and we couldn't use the slide out! Doh! Anyway we moved one spot up and all was fixed :) Jacks went down and slide out was released and we set about paying for the night by dropping a check in an envelope into the little mailbox. Then it was back to the RV for some dinner and a beer (or two).

As we'd pretty much just done this on the fly we didn't have much food options other than burgers, so I cooked a couple of burgers, threw them in buns and with some cheese slices and condiments we called it done. We watched some tv, walked the dogs at night around the campground and then headed to bed. Wow the beds are small compared to our bed at home (Cal King). Bobs feet hang off the edge but all beds seem a standard length in RV's (small). The night went well, apart from the fact we didn't realize we were so close to the train tracks! Things you learn ;)

The dogs were REALLY excited to be somewhere new, but were really well behaved in the RV, no accidents :) Sky wasn't really that interested in food whilst away and we kinda had a space issue in the bedroom with dog beds, but it all worked out in the end. More than anything the main problem with the dogs was transportation. On the way we had them inside the kennel inside the RV, but for the way back we chose to strap them into their seat belts on the sofa, that worked better. In the morning we woke, walked the dogs,had breakfast then packed up and came home where we reveled in our first nights success in the RV world :)

More on the Hickman RV adventures soon!



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