Thrifty Thursday

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I've been thrifting recently, trying to pick up new clothes at rock bottom prices, expanding my wardrobe and trying to expand my fashion style at the same time. Sometimes you have to just be at the thrift store at the right time to get bargains, other times there are tons and you want everything, and on the flipside occasionally you walk away with nothing. It's all part of the game you play when you thrift. I think that's why I like it so much, though it can make or break my afternoon, lol! Recent thrifty purchases include the following items:

Brown Lightwight Jacket*: Unknown. Paid $1.98 at Simi Thrift. Really wasn't 100% sure on this, might take it in a little at the side, but works well with casual wear like t-shirts and my khaki cords. *didn't get a pic of this afterall*

Blue stripey blouse: SO. Should have cost $2.49 but I had a credit to use at Goodwill so cost me nothing :) I almost bought a similar style shirt but was black with skulls on it, however it was a tad too small in the bust (hahaha I know go on laugh it up!)

Pink boob tube style top: Abercrombie & Fitch. Paid $1.99 at Simi thrift store. Wasn't 100% when I picked this up, it's PINK afterall and I have an aversion to pink, but I figured no go outside the box at least try it on! Fits great and it's a size Extra small :) Not that keen on the color, blends in too much with my skin for my liking, maybe I'll dye it? Thinking blue or maybe red? Wasn't sold on the style at first but I like it now.

Coke t-shirt: Unknown. Cost 99c at Simi thrift store. What can I say? It's a classic! How can I not buy a classic? I have managed to snag it already though, definitely wasn't snagged when I bought it, might have happened whilst on vacation *sigh* gonna try and restrict the damage, still wearable either way cos it's meant to be distressed right? right?

Dress: Unknown (think it's from Target). Cost $2.98 at Simi Thrift Store. Fits like a glove (snug but that means it'll stay up!), and it's reversible! Bonus! Bit of a loud print for me, but nice and summery.

Favorite top: Charlotte Russo. Cost 99c at Simi Thrift store. Just some elastic holding it up but fits great and quite slimming I think? The weird hemline almost made me not buy it but for 99c I figured what the hell. Already worn it out once so worth it in the end I guess.

I also bought a plain brown tee for 99c but seemed a little pointless adding a pic of a plain brown tee-shirt. We all know what they look like :) Bargain at 99c :)

One thing is abundantely clear, I need a good fitting strapless bra..The one I currently own does not fit properly at all! Thank heavens I have a couple of coupons for Victoria's Secret :) Thinking a nude strapless (or convertible to strapless) and a couple of everyday bras.

The other thing I need to buy are a couple of kids coats to alter into dog coats. I'd love to find a couple of parker coats or padded ski jackets for under $5 each, wish me luck on my next thrifting trip!!!



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