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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wow things have been busy here in Hickman-ville since the New Year! I've been busy with the free weeks membership at a local gym, which has been awesome! Loving going to workout, and I've definitely increased my workout duration and endurance during this time, which ROCKS! I've done so many different classes, hit the gym and yesterday I did a small group session with the TRX straps which I am still recovering from! Wow great workouts! Remember to check out local gyms in your area, most offer free guest passes to try out the facilities so it's worth having a look! Especially if you are looking to lose weight, get back in shape or simply want a place to hang out and have fun! Well I think it's fun!

I've been busy since the New Year working on my website and updating it from creative information to fitness in preparation of finding work in the near future. It's been a lot of work but I think I am about done, just a few things to update (personal training, class schedule when I get classes etc). It's actually been a LOT of fu, you can check it out at Like I said still working on it, but the bare bones are there. Really need a new header but the site is programmed mostly in php so that isn't hard to change :) I have the education and experience pages done, now to work on the rest!

If you have dogs I just HAVE to tell you about this tool from Dremel. It's the cordless rotary tool but built specifically for pets nail trimming! If you have larger dogs like I do trimming your dogs nails with a traditional clipper is NIGHTMARE! Urgh! They wriggle, the nails are way hard, tough to cut through, and if you're like me you hate the thought of accidently nicking the quick. I've used a dremel for a while but my old rechargable bugged out on me, now they have this one that takes 4 standard AA batteries (we opted for rechargables) and I have to say these Dremels are great for trimming dogs nails. The little sanding wheels are smaller than typical rotary wheels so better for getting in those tiny toes.

If you are going to get one and start filing your dogs nails I advise using the lower speed, those sanding wheels get hot! Plus it's not as noisy and less likely to freak out your dog. Start by introducing the tool first a few times a day, then lightly touching the nail, then filing one nail etc. Just build it up gradually really is what I'm saying. I get both my two dogs done in about 5 minutes each, along with treat time after each paw of course :)

Bob has been busy too. Busy buying things! lol! His work has been having "Nerf Wars" at the office. Last week they were in a "meeting" where all of them fired on the boss when he walked in! So funny and one of his colleagues got it all on video :) The boss saw the funny side thankfully. Anyway, this has lead to Bob buying a new Nerf gun and an Ammo Box to contain his growing collection of Nerf darts. Not sure which Nerf Guns he has (yes plural - guns), but with the Ammo box below and the guns plus his shirt "target" it's starting to look like something out of a computer game around here!

Nerf Dart Ammo Box - boys will be boys!

Speaking of Bobs work, one of his colleagues left last week :( Cece has left Disney to go live in New Zealand for a while, training to be a Veterinarian. It's all study and hands on I beleive and New Zealand is apparantly THE place to go for the best Vet training (who knew?) so we wish her the best of luck, and sent her off with a handmade card... naturally!

Supplies all by:l Me and My Big Ideas

We seem to go through phases of buying nothing at all, to buying item after item. Along with the Nerfing and the exercising we've been looking at updating the RV with new TVs and a new stereo :) Got to have a kickin' entertainment system in there, we are techno freaks remember! Anyway we've updated the old TV with this new Panasonic 26-Inch flatscreen. We're waiting on a bracket right now to fix it to the existing 'hole' left from the previous TV.

With the TV and the stereo (Target clearance find for $50) the RV is gradually being brought into the new decade! lol! We honestly both can't wait to get out in it again and get camping. We're hooked! We're really wanting the weather to warm up a little more so we can get back out to El Mirage camping with the bikes, or heading to the beach like we planned to over the holidays before Bob injured his foot. Speaking of which his foot is a LOT better now thankfully!

Wow what an update! We haven't really DONE a whole lot but lots has changed here in the last week! Strange how that happens?

Back soon with more fitness, more creative stuff and just more blog blatherings :)



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