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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I finally got around to making a sewing project! More out of necessity than choice but hey whatever works right? Basically we took the dogs to the vet and discovered what we already knew, the dogs are overweight. Too much good food and treats since Thanksgiving took there toll, and they need to lose around 10lbs. I already had them on a diet, and increased their walks and was looking for more ways for them to get active and remembered we have doggy backpacks! All I needed for them to work harder was some weights and that's where BEANBAGS come into play.

We wanted something soft and pliable cos Sky doesn't quite get that she's wider with the backpack on and every wall on the walk gets a scraping as she passes by! Not suitable for tins of veggies for sure! So I used some material from my stash, some dried beans from the Dollartree and got to work on my sewing machine & Serger. 

I made 2x1lb bags, and 8 1/2lb bags, right now they are up to carrying 1lb in each side (so 2lbs each) and I hope to increase that every week until they get to around 5-6lbs and then reevaluate.Dogs can carry up to 25% of their body weight (some more when in peak condition) so maximum they should carry is around 12 lbs (ideal weight is around 45-50lbs).

As you can see below, the dogs don't really care either way about walkies with or without their backpacks, as long as they get to go! Sky for some reason associates the backpack with going camping in the RV, not sure why as we never took the backpacks before? Maybe she's just sense that's what they are for? I dunno *shrug*

For anyone wanting a quick tutorial on beanbags I put together a tutorial below, they are super easy to make. The 9"x7" fits 1/2lb nicely with room for seam allowances and the turn down hem once filled.

Hoping to get to more sewing projects soon!!!



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