April Stash Bust

Thursday, April 1, 2010

So recently I've not done a lot of crafting, mostly due to rushing around teaching classes, health & fitness blogging and generally just living life rather than documenting it :) However I really do miss that creative outlet so I am going to try to be creative at least three days a week. I figure I can at least set aside to make a card or two on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday's right? As I was pondering this thought this morning I was reading my favorite blogs in bloglines and saw this post on Craft Leftovers about Stash Busting in April and I decided that April would be a good time to get creative again and see how I can merge and manage both my fitness career and creative career.

So I'm taking the pledge to get creative but without buying anything new for the whole of April. Not a huge problem considering the amount of stash I have. I've tweeted and facebooked about the stash problem so hopefully I can reduce the stash, use some of the scrap pile and get my desk cleared!!!

So there is the challenge for all you blog readers! Are you game for an April Stash Bust?

Disclaimer: I do need to buy one new printer cartridge but I NEED that for business use more than craft use so I'm not counting it as a craft supply even though I do use my printer sometimes :)


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