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Monday, August 23, 2010

So as you are probably all aware my life has taken a change this year and it's left me with a little struggle as to what to do with this blog. Honestly the creative stuff has kinda dropped a little out of my life and I've been wondering what to update the blog with as I tended to try and keep it pretty much scrapbooking/cards etc but I figured that since the blog is just Di Hickman I can pretty much take it with my life in general... so that's what I am gonna do. 

So for the blog future you'll see:

  • some creative stuff - as and when I can share (hopefully gonna get back on track with those posts!)
  • fitness updates - I'll be keeping the majority of this on my fitness blog but will post a recap here. I will post race reviews etc though!
  • book reviews - I love reading! So I'll share books/magazines I've been reading. Maybe movies too!
  • Daily happenings - my life is pretty boring day to day but occasionally out of the ordinary things happen, like the Press Event earlier this month, pool parties, vacations etc. (speaking of vacation in Sept! whoohoo)
  • Thrifting/Shopping - I love shopping but only for thrifted things, being in a thrift store is like a huge jumble sale! Love it! I am trying to get more into non-thrifty shopping too though. Something I have to psych myself up for but I am trying! Also trying to be more girly and do the cosmetics/skincare sharing too.
  • Sewing - repeat after me: must use sewing machine! Must use serger! Must make time for this every month!!!
  • General STUFF - sometimes I just go off into a tangent about stuff, could be news, recent purchases (lots of those lately!), advice, recommendations, and general thoughts and ramblings lol.

Basically more ME and not just creative me :) Ok better get off here and go make some dinner!



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