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Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm not sure if I mentioned before but my husband Bob works for Disney. Nope he doesn't dress up as Mickey Mouse at one of the theme parks (though I'd pay to see that!), he's Director of Technology at Disney Internet Media Group. These are the guys behind Toontown, Pixie Hollow and now World of Cars Online

World of Cars Online is the game Bob has been working on since his transfer to Disney and it's finally launched! It's an online game for kids, with mini games, social media type stuff and plain fun kids entertainment. To celebrate the launch last week was the official PR press launch and we got to go. Bob was there for the whole event but I just attended "after hours" - ie: when the celebs weren't there! lol! Yep there was the red carpet and the whole shabang :) Plus incase you didn't know it's based on the Disney Movie Cars

The event was at Bob's Big Boy Drive In, and the whole back drive-in cafe parking area got converted into Flo's V8 cafe which is from Cars the movie incase you didn't know. 

Yes there was security there too, and you can see the red carpet photo backboard on the left in the above pic. That's where the celebs stop for the press photographers.
Some celebrities were still in attendance when I got there though!! Naturally Lightening McQueen took time out from his schedule to attend the official game launch and he was more than happy to pose with Bob :)

We also got pics with Matar and Sally. Film crews were still around filming pieces for TV (mostly Disney channel stuff) so not a lot of partying going on. Friends took this pic of us at the launch.

For the fashion conscious peeps I wore Levi Jeans with a black tank and a brown check LEI shirt (walmart $10) with brown boots and bag. Most expensive thing was underwear, lol, everything besides the underwear and shirt was thrifted! Hair was a total mess though, really need to get it styled.

Earlier in the day the whole team was present and wardrobe coordinated in a group shot to celebrate the launch! Go Team! Bob is back and to the right under the "cars" banner. Disney is such a TEAM focused company, so fun!

As the event was at a Drive in cafe they provided free drinks/food all night :) I had a veggie cheese burger which was delicious! And with official Cars Online napkin eh!

Plus Bob's Big Boys do the BEST shakes! So yummy! And so free for us!!! Yep I had one of those babies, strawberry for me please :) Yep we snagged the cup too - washed out it's now a little memorabilia of the night sitting in Bobs office :)

The biggest deal of the event is I drove down to Bobs work on my own, and didn't get lost (thank you GPS). His office is in North Hollywood and so busy traffic wise. Having driven down once though I'd do it again. Especially for more free food/drinks!

Enough excitement for one post! You can see more pics on my facebook page! And remember if you have kids check out World of Card Online!!!!


Rosie (Freycob) August 25, 2010 at 2:10 PM  

Woot woot! Go you two! Great that the game is now live Di.

Think last time we were speaking I told you my friend's son was offered a place with Mozilla but had to turn it down because he is too young to go over there. Well, he's concentrated on his own internet company and has turned over £1m in his first year of trading... not bad for a 16 year old eh?

And parents say there's not money to be made sitting on computers all day eh?


Di Hickman August 27, 2010 at 3:00 PM  

There so IS money to be made, just that everyone is now trying to make the same money so it's spreading thinner! lol!

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