Fashion Friday: F21

Friday, September 3, 2010

I mentioned Forever 21 last week and their retro 80's style currently instore. How I like the rocker chick from the 80's, but the rest of the fashions from the 80's were pretty lame right? Anyways I spent a little time browsing their website and found this:

One word: WANT! I love this. I like everything about it. Kind of a little retro but I think it's more the rocker chick than disaster 80's. Problem is I am at the stage where I REALLY like it, but if I go in, try it on and it looks awful I'll be pissed off. lol! For $20 it's pretty cheap too!

Does anyone else fret like this? Endless times I've looked online and in catalogues, found stuff I like, but I try it on it looks like sh!t. I think the key to making clothes look good on you is to dress for YOUR shape. Find what flatters you're shape and work with it.

On a side note, this dress is just jersey material, how hard could it be to make? Hmmmm....


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