Fashion Friday: Maxi's are back for fall

Friday, September 10, 2010

So it's all over the fashion/style/trends websites that Maxi skirts/dresses are back in style for fall. Can I just be one of the first to go "Nooooooooooooo"! Now I don't follow trends or fashions, I like what I like and I try to dress more to suit my own shape that what's in style and one thing that has NEVER suited me is long skirts. Whether it be skin tight (ah the 80's!), flowing, or A-line me and long skirts just do not go together!
I tried the A-line and I just end up looking like a triangle. I tried the long flowing bohemian style but it just makes me look bottom heavy, and so I figured that tight would work right? I mean if the others took away shape then it stands to reason that tight would GIVE shape? Yes it works to a point but have you tried finding a long tight lycra skirt (got to be lycra in order to MOVE!). Yeah I don't see that fashion from the 80's in the Forever 21 retro collection :( It was kinda like this one but without the stripes and tighter.

Plus with long skirts you have the dilemma of what shoes to wear? Back in the 80's/90's when I had said long black tight lycra skirt and I wore it with my clunky Dr Martens (boots or shoes). Man those were comfortable and they looked great too. As 38 though I doubt I can pull that look off quite the same!

So yes, unless I can find a tight lycra skirt again, Maxi's are out for me this coming season. What about you? Are you a Long skirt lover or like me, short and sassy? Oh and if you know of somewhere that sells long tight lycra skirts, link me up!


Sheffield @ September 15, 2010 at 11:46 AM  

For short people like me, long skirts are a great way to elongate the legs, and slim the figure. Just make sure they aren't too short. That will make you look stumpy. Its all in the material as well. Fuller skirt made of cheap fabric and with out weights on the bottom, don't move well. They are a little too floaty for fall, and only add volume to the figure. Try shopping vintage if you can't afford a good quality maxi skirt. There you will get bang for your buck.

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