Taking a "ME" day! - pt 2

Thursday, September 9, 2010

So after I last updated I'd had lunch, an internet break and then decided to head out for more shopping. Well being the klutz I am I got out to the car and managed to whack my face as I opened the door. I now have a red lump on the outside of my left eye socket and boy is it sore! I hope it's not too noticeable! Anyway off I went injured or not...

First stop of the afternoon was Goodwill. I've said before but I prefer the other thrift store to Goodwill, not only do they have a quicker turnover of clothes but it's better laid out and the biggest factor - they are cheaper. However it seems Goodwill has been renovated with a new floorplan since I last went in. Still not organized but better than previously so they get points for trying. As always I headed to the shoe area first and snagged a pair of heels in my size :) I am still looking for boots but alas nothing yet in my size that isn't leather (and doesn't have the weird overly pointy toes). So the search for boots continues. I picked up a beige belt along the way to the clothes, and skimmed the bags. I picked up a couple of t-shirts browsing the racks then headed to the 99c racks. Usually I don't find anything here but I'm trying to see past the garment as it is NOW and think what I could refashion it into. I picked up a few pieces which I'll share in later weeks :) All in all I got some good deals :)

Last stop of the afternoon was Walmart. I had no agenda other than I hadn't been for ages so usually good to wander around and see what's new. I picked up 2 hooded tees by LEI (yes I shop in the Jnr section!), and I got 1 tee that was by Atari so that appealed to the geek in me :) I got necessities like cotton buds, cotton balls etc, then swooped by the dog section to pick up new toys for the girls :) Then onto the skincare and make-up which was pretty much the reason for going - new nail polish. Picked up some NYC products, and OPI nail polish, some hair care stuff, mouthwash and few other bits along the way. All in all I spent over $100 and didn't have much to show for it. Typical WalMart trip really, lol! 

Now I am back home and still having lumpy sore head. I guess I should go put some of this shopping away too huh?


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