Taking a "ME" day! - pt 1

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Since the new year I've been busy trying to juggle creative jobs, fitness jobs, this blog, family life, and friends. Needless to say time for ME has been few and far between but I catch time here and there, but this week I decided that it was time for a vacation. We'd booked this week off a while back as our anniversary week but hadn't booked a vacation anywhere and thankfully so because last week Bob got sick with flu and decided that he couldn't take any more time off so canceled his vacation this week (he did have our anniversary off work though). So it's been a staycation for me!

I spent Tuesday morning running (10 miles - whoo!) and the afternoon after grocery shopping was spent reading books from the library. Yesterday was our anniversary (recap on that at the monthly round up), so today I decided that I would take the day off and go shopping. I had some errands to run also so why not make a day of it?

I got up and walked the dogs, then made breakfast and got Bob out to work as usual. Had a nice long shower, did my make-up and hair then headed out to get my passport photo's done. Our passports expired in March and I've been meaning to get new pics done for the renewal but something always came up so today I went to CVS and got them done. Sure they make me look like shit (I hate passport pics! Bobs new one looks great) but whatever, it's done! I need the passport!!!

After CVS I went to the 99c store for essentials, namely dog poo bags! Course I ended up getting a few other things as always happens in those places!!! After 99c store came my favorite - Simi Thrift Store! I love this shop! I spent about an hour browsing & trying on and spent $18. I'll be sharing my thrift store finds in future Thursday posts but lets just say: Levi Jeans (size 3!) $4, Gap shift dress $3, Nike running top $3, and some t-shirts for 99c each plus a few other things = happy Di! Plus I just found out today that this thrift store all the money goes to Animal Rescue Volunteers, an animal rescue charity in our city :) Now I know where all my donations are going in future!

I just stopped back at home to drop off the shopping and grab lunch, oh and to feed the spotty monsters! Right now I am sitting on the patio with lunch while the do the back yard patrol. I guess I should go shopping again huh? I think Goodwill and Walmart later... ok back later with pics and update!


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