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Monday, September 6, 2010

So part of my "new" blog redesign I hope to bring you some interesting things from around the web that are craft related that will hopefully provide a kickstart to some of your own creativity. Here are my top 5 picks this week in no particular order:

School lunch mats
I love this idea from Creative Kismet for making school lunch mats. I've made my own place mats before but these take things one step further with a sew on pocket for cutlery & napkin. Plus the ribbon for securing the mat when rolled up. Perfect for packed lunches, picnics, or even for the back patio! There is even a full tutorial for making these on the Creative Kismet blog - I think I may be rustling up a few of these for our patio table!

DIY Nap mat/Bed Roll
Another great idea from another crafter, maybe I am on a sewing kick? Anyway Prudent Baby blog has a tutorial up for making this great nap mat/bed roll. These would be great for sleep overs, and a good use of old comforters, sleeping bags etc, just re-cover! I think these would be great kept in the trunk of the car, perfect for camping or taking in the RV. Perhaps would make great pet beds too? You can see full details on the Prudent Baby blog.

Dalek Cake
We love Dr Who. If you haven't watched Dr Who then you probably won't know who the Daleks are and I suggest you go grab a DVD set and sit down for a weekend and  catch up! The Daleks are a blast from our childhood as we grew up watching Dr Who (our Dr back then was John Pertwee) so we were really happy when the series got fired back up and we've enjoyed Christopher Eccleston, David Tennent and now Matt Smith. Anyhow I just LOVE that craftsters are embracing their geeky side and creating things like this Dalek cake. This was a wedding cake btw, more details on it on Boing Boing. We've seen a few Dalek cakes lately, but also some Tardis cakes too! Fun, geeky and awesome!

Alice in Denimland Dress
We recently watched Alice in Wonderland (the new version with Johnny Depp) and as soon as we saw Alice 'in' wonderland I couldn't help but think her dress could have been better. Anyone else think that Alice got completely screwed on the dresses? The one the Hatter made her when she shrunk in the teapot was kinda cool but the Blue dress Alice is synonymous with just didn't seem to cut it imo. Anyway if you have any fancy dress parties ahead or just want to get ahead for Halloween (not long peeps!) then how about this awesome inspiration from in_wonderland @ Craftster. The dress was made from recycled denim and I think it's awesome! You can see more pics at craftster.


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