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Monday, November 29, 2010

Another round up of crafty inspiration from the web!

Avital at Creativity Prompt shared this printable holiday card recently. So simple yet so easy to make! Print, add embellishment, done! When you're making multiple cards that is a godsend! Visit her blog for the download!

Had to share this Cuddly Bantha from website! How CUTE is this? LOVE LOVE LOVE! Everyone knows I love cute animals. It's true that every film with an animal, I always want the animal. Doesn't matter what it is. Weirder the better so I love this! Full how-to on the site!

I love recycled and upcycled projects so this project from Mark Montano instantly appealed to me! Mark has a little how-to for this paint chip wallet on his blog, so check it out!

Gina at Bolt Neighborhood shares a tutorial on her blog for making gift bags! I figure this is a great time of year to share this too, so good job Gina! So much paper gets wasted over the holidays, so why not make some fun gift bags from fabric instead? Totally reusable, rather than getting tossed in the trash! Check out the Bolt blog for details

MarieC off craftster shared this t-shirt refashion she did from a heavily used t-shirt. Those white tees tend to get discolored under the arms after a while and this is a great trick to prolong life in those clothes! Or alternatively to extend the life in too small tees! Simply insert a contrast panel in the sides! More details on craftster. This isn't a new technique but I just loved the fabric she used for her tees so thought I'd share :)




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