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Friday, November 26, 2010

I've been busy the last few weeks with my fitness website and blog playing with the template, making plans for posts and running with ideas. One thing I decided is that I'd dig out my old photo's and memorabilia from my fitness career in the UK. 

Before we left England to set up home here in California I had a pretty successful career as a fitness instructor and personal trainer in the UK. I passed my first fitness certification in Summer 1996, and quickly started teaching classes at Breadsall Priory and Lingfield Health Club (now LA fitness). With just 2 months teaching experience I got asked to lead a session for Lingfield during a demonstration event at the local shopping center.

Super fun to see my name on the advertising materials! Especially considering this was in the local newspaper the Derby Telegraph. Sure got thrust into the spotlight in a short amount of time! Pauline kicked us off with some step. I love step so this was no problem for me :)

In case you can't tell I am the one in long leggings in this shot! One size fits all t-shirts suck!

After a few minutes break we were back at it, and I led an aerobics session. Remember this was me at the front, of the class, leading a fitness session in the middle of a shopping mall! I think at this point I'd been actively teaching for just 6 weeks!

I also have photo's of Slide workouts with Rachael. I don't even remember Rachael and look at me (back center)! This was the first time I ever did slide aside from a quick 5 minutes at the club the day before. Crazy time! I  enjoyed slide though and used it in circuit training later. Anyone else remember slide?

After slide we did another few workouts then hit the rebounder! I had one of these at home and loved it. Just brought back childhood memories of trampolines. Nicky led this session and it was the first real rebounder class I'd done. Anyone else remember rebounder/bounce classes?

So fun to have these photo's to look back on! This event is on my list of things to scrapbook so I hope to share that layout soon!



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