Holiday Gift Ideas - tech edition top 5

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So I don't claim to be a full nerd or geek but I have some geeky tendencies for sure! I love my computer and laptop, I can program in HTML and I'm a photoshop nerd too. All these things don't make me a tech expert but I can tell ya that over the last few years I've gotten some cool tech gadgets that I love and thought I'd share my top 5 =)

1 - iPhone.
When Bob got his iPhone 3g I honestly thought "sheesh I wouldn't use all those functions, don't think I'll bother". Then Bob upgraded his phone to the iPhone 3s I got his handmedown. We called for the 2nd line on our account and I was up and running and frankly never looked back! Now they will pry my iPhone from my cold dead hands!

I know people say all the time, "too expensive, too many features, too complicated" but this phone is my life now! Calendar, contacts, internet, iPod, camera, social media, games and so much more! Since I got my iPhone my old iPod broke and I didn't care. I use the iPhone exclusively now for music whilst running, and even for fitness classes! Yes I am in love with my iPhone! Definitely recommend one!!!

2 - iHome
Yep it's a clock radio but it's also a speaker unit for your iPhone/iPod. I don't like waking up to buzzer alarms or the radio (generally USA radio sucks) so we have our iHome set up to wake us up to the iPod playlist we've chosen =) Easy to just slip the iPhone on the iHome each night and take it off every morning fully charged. Love it! We have this exact model and LOVE it, definitely recommend it!

On the same lines as the iHome , but without the alarm/radio feature. Bob bought this iLive for my birthday last year and it works with my iPod and iPhone. Basically it's a set of speakers for your iPhone. This one lives in our kitchen so I can have music on whilst cooking or cleaning in the kitchen. All those chores go faster when you have some tunes to rock out to! I love my iLive! Another use I have for this is outside on the patio. Plug it in on the patio table and we have tunes outside to swim to :)

This is one that is on my own wishlist. When the iPad first came out I didn't really see the point. We both had iPhones and laptops, what could we possibly want an iPad for? Then Bob had the opportunity to use one for work and we got to play with it for a couple of weeks. Wow! Now we want one! Honestly I don't think I'd use it much for surfing the web but for games and reading pdfs it's great!

I love playing Sudoku and wordsearch type games and I LOVE reading so I don't know if I'd need something more than the 16GB version? We aren't in the market for one yet, but should we have the available $$ spare then sure we'd snag one! Though I am sure Bob would want the more expensive 64GB version!

If you don't have one already then get one! Whether it's TomTom or some other GPS device if you drive a lot you need a GPS. I've only really just started driving alone in the US this year going to fitness training seminars etc and the TomTom has been invaluable! I have a tendency to get lost or be in the wrong lane for the freeways (and exits) so GPS really helps to give me peace of mind that I am on the correct road and heading towards my destination. We have TomTom and have John Cleese's voice which always lightens the mood!
So there you have it, my 5 top picks for the techie in your life! Sure some are expensive, but some aren't. But really who needs more socks/ties/toiletries? Remember too that gift cards work well also! Whether it's to a tech store like Best Buy or our favorite


More gift idea's coming soon including craft edition, health & fitness edition, and more! Stay tuned!


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