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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The December issue of magazine is online for viewing, which means I get to share my project for my article! Yay! I got to play with paper and let me tell you October was a BUSY month for me with my fitness job so this was a much needed creative release :) For my December article I decided that I'd done enough digital and hybrid articles recently so it was time to get tactile and play with paper FULL ON, so I created this...

Yep remember when these were all the craze a few years ago? It's one of the containers by Singer (Walmart buy for around $3-4). I LOVE these containers perfect for holding cards! And I have plenty of cards for this sucker to hold :)

I got all dimensional and added chipboard and dimensional stickers. Not sure if you can tell that well on the photo above, but the swirl is chipboard and the sticker has foam dots on the snowflake. Getting the swirl to adhere to the paper was tricky, lots of tiny glue dots on each 'branch' of the swirls did the trick though.

It think this is is my favorite bit, the holiday wreath sticker with the metal tag. I CANNOT tell you how long I have had those tiny metal tags! Years, seriously... years! I bet I'm not the only one that collects scrapbook supplies rather than use them huh? lol!

And as is the fashion with these tins I decorated the handle with ribbon. Usually not this frou frou but I think these tins really NEED the dimension on the lid to balance the design. I used a TON of ribbon here, mostly scraps from my stash new and old. All thicknesses and designs, and even some sheer ribbon to add some interest. 

I can honestly say this is the first time I am TRULY happy with a project I've created in a LONG time. I've said it before but sometimes we just need to try something different, get out our 'box' and just play! I certainly did that with this project :) You can find full project details, a how to, and full product listing by viewing my article at

Enjoy your weekend!



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