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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Family keep asking me what I got for my birthday so I figure I'd just do a blog post with the details of my Birthday gifts. I'm including a few things I got recently that weren't strictly birthday presents but as I received them around my birthday we're counting them as "birthday fun". So in no particular order here are things I've been given recently:

I'll be the first in line to say I LOVE my digital SLR BUT as everyday camera's they have one major drawback - they are bulky! We'd bought a smaller digital camera a year or so ago but weren't happy with it overall. Sure it was small but it was SLOW. Seriously between shots it would take forever to be ready again, not good! So we purchased this camera and though I haven't put it through it's paces properly yet, so far I am loving it! It has everything you need in a small pocket camera: it's small, it does macro/landscape, timer, option to turn off flash, lots of megapixels, zoom, and more. I've taken a few photo's with it already and very happy with it so far, but look for a full review of Canon PowerShot coming soon! Though I have to say for under $110 you can't go wrong really!

I mentioned recently that I got upgraded from my iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4. I love the iPhone 4 and all it's features but still had one problem - driving. Here in California like it is in many parts of the US and indeed the world now it's illegal to drive using a phone without a handsfree device. I'd tried the little earpiece things but honestly they suck.
  1. They are never charged when you need to use them;
  2. They are small, so small that you lose them, even in the small area of a car;
  3. if you are like me, they just never fit right. I admit I have the same problem with most earbuds for the iPod (though I have found some that fit GREAT, will share details soon!);
So what to do? Well as usual Bob bought one of these Motorola Bluetooth Portable Car Speaker to try and we loved them, so he got me one for my car. Basically it's a little speaker device that fits onto your sun visor, it turns on AUTOMATICALLY when your phone is in range, so you don't need to do anything when you get in your car. It has voice calling, tap the button once, wait for the beep then say "call: Bob Hickman" and it does it all for you! Awesomeness! Love it! I hope to do a video review of these cos they are SO COOL! We also recommended them to one of our friends and he bought one too. Seriously, so much better than the little ear piece things!

I'll admit it's not the sexiest of gifts, but sometimes practical is the order of the day right? Bob recently got one of these and has been raving about it and said I needed one. Now before you chip in that all we needed are extra Replacement Brush Heads, yes that would be great but as we have 2 bathrooms we each use a bathroom for our personal hygiene needs so we just opted to get another whole unit. After using  the Philips Sonicare Power Toothbrush for a few days I have to say that compared to the Oral-B Electric Power Toothbrush it's AMAZING. My teeth feel so much cleaner. I will say the vibrating gets some getting used to but the new unit starts slow and gets stronger each time you use it, though it still tends to tickle my tongue a little, lol. Definitely recommend this, as does our dentist, which was the reason Bob switched in the first place.

What else? I got new wiper blade for my car, oh the excitement! Oh we  also went shopping and I bought some new underwear, but I really don't think it's appropriate sharing that on my blog ;)

Chat soon!



Robyn December 20, 2010 at 7:36 AM  

Do you think the portable car speaker phone would work well for someone whom does a lot of business travel? Thanks for you input! Merry Christmas!

Di Hickman December 20, 2010 at 8:42 AM  

Hi Robyn, thanks for the comment!
Yes without a doubt I do! I cannot tell you how much these things have impacted our lives. Being able to hold a phone conversation legally and safely whilst driving is paramount. The voice dialing is great.
Bob can phone me when he's on his way home if he gets stuck in traffic (so I can delay dinner, or we can call friends we were meeting to tell them we'll be late). If I am in traffic I can call clients and let them know. I think if anyone spends a deal of time commuting or on the phone for business these are invaluable!

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