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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I covered the basics in publishing 101 but I wanted to go more indepth to cover a few topics. One of the things I notice when I announce that I got projects picked up for publication is that people comment "oh I didn't even know about that call". Well as the saying goes "you gotta be in it, to win it!", meaning if you don't submit then you can't get published!

So where do you find calls?

Well unfortunately there is no one place to find calls anymore, seems like they are dotted all over the web. Of course there is the pub calls blog, but honestly that seems to be DT calls and contests more than publishing lately, it's definitely not as good as it used to be.
For magazine calls I recommend going to the magazine websites and looking for the submission information. Most magazines accept email submissions but there are a few only accept mailed in submissions, it varies with each magazine. The stamping magazines especially only take mailed in submissions so be aware of this when looking for submissions. The mailed in items especially, sometimes if you want the item returned you will have to provide return postage!
For ezine calls, again go to the website and click on their submissions links. The great thing I like about ezines is no mailing in of layouts it's all done via email, so it costs me nothing, whereas the magazine calls cost postage.
I'm not going to list all the magazines and ezines, I'd be here all day! But definitely check out the website of the magazine/ezine you are interested in.

There have been hot debates on message boards as to whether ezines are considered "published" or not, I do consider them as published work. It's a totally misunderstood concept that ezines accept ALL projects that are submitted - No they don't! I cannot stress this enough! The ezines go through the same elimination process as regular magazines. It can be just as tough to get published in ezines as it is print magazines.

So now you know how to find calls for submissions, what next? Well that'll be in Publishing 103 - the submission email! What to include, what to write, what to attach etc

Remember if you have questions just post them in the comments or email me!


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