Publishing 103

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In parts 101 and 102 we discussed the basics and where to find calls, in 103 we're going to discuss the submission email! What to include, what to write, what to attach etc.

  • Address: So first things first remember to tailor the email to the correct recipient! Make sure to check the call details carefully! Even if it's a magazine you've submitted to before always check the submission email as emails change, or calls may get sent to feature editors directly.
  • Attach: Remember to attach the freakin' project image!
  • Subject: Again in the call info will sometimes say to put a specific subject for the email but if it doesn't try to tailor it to the magazine. If the call for example is for PaperCrafts May issue, and your project is for their Mothers Day feature, try something like PaperCrafts May 2009 - Mothers Day Card Submission.
  • Attach: Remember to attach the project image!
  • Intro: The body of the email should always contain a little introduction as to why you are emailing, what magazine, issue and which specific call you think the project fits!
  • Attach: Remember to attach the project image!
  • Project info: Include a project title so that if you get a call back they don't have to request jpg 908651. Include a supply list of products used in the project. I sometimes include a brief how-to for the project if it is a particularly technique heavy project or if I know that the magazine I am submitting to will need that information. Also regarding the project I add journaling if the project is a layout and any other pertinent information like if the project is digital, or hybrid for example.
  • Attach: Remember to attach the project image!
  • Personal information: Always include a little paragraph of personal information. Nothing too large. Usually I opt for name, address, blog link, and email address in the signature of the email instead. But the idea is to give them as much information about YOU as possible. Usually these submissions are kept on file for a long time, you want them to have as much info to contact you as possible!
  • Attach: Remember to attach the project image!
  • Signing off: ALWAYS and a little thank you to the end of your email! A simple, "thanks for considering my project for your upcoming publication" works well and shows good manners.
Oh and in case I haven't mentioned it ALWAYS remember to attach the project image! I can't stress this enough! Even now 3 years later I still sometimes have a brain fart and forget to attach the image! Doh! I'm sure the editors are used to it happening all the time but double and triple check before you hit send!

So once you hit send, what happens next? We'll discuss that next time!

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NancyJones April 25, 2009 at 9:00 AM  

ughmm don't forget to attach the image rofl (yeah guilty roflmbo) and the product list rofl hahahaha yup guilty poor Dena. she loves me is all I can say. GIRL we gotta talk!

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